How To Find The Right Investors For Your Business?

We’ve all heard about the importance of having a million-dollar idea. That brilliant business idea will completely turn your life around once it gets off the ground. And while ideas are priceless in our modern society, and the secret behind most millionaires in the modern world. Sometimes… those million-dollar ideas also need a million dollar backing them.

Getting any idea off the ground requires funds, and having a great doesn’t necessarily mean you have the budget for it. That’s why most starting businesses need investors to help get it started. And while this is a common practice that doesn’t change the fact that it can be confusing. If you are new to the idea of investing then all the options are going to confuse you. Thankfully we are here to help, by taking a look at two of the most common types of investors you’ll find. Today we’ll compare Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists so you can know for sure which profile fits your company better.

What do these investors offer?

In broad terms Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists will largely offer the same for your company, that is to say, budget. Both of these groups count with investors that are willing to offer money to good ideas. Of course, this doesn’t come for free. There are conditions in place for anybody who receives a private fund, but the most common request is for an equity share. In short, the people funding your ideas will own part of the resulting company. This is perfectly normal and both kinds of investors will demand equity from you. So don’t feel surprised by this demand, just make sure that the amount they ask for is fair.

On top of that, both Angels and Capitalists bring more to the table than just their funds. They have access to large support networks and countless connections. Since their money will be on the line they’ll also pull their influences to ensure the success of your company. And often this is more valuable than the money itself.

So what are the practical differences then?

The most important difference lies in the investment life-cycle. Angel Investors are individuals who for the most part are actively looking for good ideas that can grow in scope. As such they tend to invest in the early stages. Venture Capitalists on the other hand manage a fund, which means solid results are more important. This means that Capitalists invest in established businesses that are expected to see growth, to reduce the risks.

Venture Capitalists also tend to invest more, but this usually comes with the demand of a seat on the board or a similar position. In general, you could say that Venture Capitalists are more driven by results. They want to see earnings that make up for their investment, and as such are more involved. While Angel Investors tend to value the ideas above the rest, and as such are willing to risk more and take a mentoring attitude towards your business.…


You Want Your Car to Look Great and Drive Well

If you dent, ding, or otherwise scratch your car, what do you do? Should you just choose a local paint shop that can closely match the color but won’t guarantee it? And, should you pay an overly priced shop to do the work if they aren’t going to guarantee it? Probably not. With touchupdirect.com you do not have to. With over 7000 colors in the inventory, you are bound to find the perfect shade, regardless of how obscure or how different the paint job is on your car.

Match for any vehicle – 

At touchupdirect.com you will find the perfect match, for any car, and for any color. BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, Toyota, and any other manufacturer you can think of, has the perfect color match on the site. For an affordable price, you can do the touch up work yourself. You do not have to pay an absurd price for a body shop, and go through your insurance company, which is likely going to hike up the price you are paying for insurance. Why not take care of it yourself, and do the work quickly and easily with a small pen that will take virtually no time to color those dents or paint chips. 

Affordable and Efficient – 

When it comes to your car, and maintenance, you want to make sure the work is done properly. So why would you take your car to a body shop if they aren’t going to guarantee a perfect color match for you? The fact is, that you do not have to. In addition to finding one of over 7000 colors online, you will receive the small pen which makes it easy for you to do any touch up job yourself, regardless of how small (or large) or where the paint damage is on your car. 

Apart from that, and the safety, there’s not really much else that comes to mind when it comes to doing general maintenance work on your car. If a small pent chip is bothering you but you refuse to pay hundreds, if not thousands to a body shop, you don’t have to. You can visit touchupdirect.com and you will find the perfect match. Best of all, the prices are affordable and you can do the touch up work yourself, so you can also save on the cost of maintenance you’d pay to a body shop in the process.…


Nine Reasons to Make Sure Your Website is Evolving With Technology

Maybe there was a time when merely having a website was enough, but that era is gone forever. These days, you need an online presence that is up to speed in terms of technological advances, design trends, and search engine optimization. When you revamp your e-commerce presence, you can catapult your business to the next level because of the qualities of your site.


If your site looks like it came out of one of those cookie cutter template boxes, your customers’ eyes are probably glazing over before they have even absorbed what you have to offer. On the other hand, a fresh and unique design can attract and keep today’s users, who are known for their wandering eye and moth-like attention spans.


What are you selling and why? How is it different from your competition? Your upgraded website can be equipped to answer all of these questions in the snazziest, freshest and most compelling way possible.


When your tech-forward site is complete, it will feature the text and images that you have specially curated in order to attract your ideal customers. They will appear on the main slider of your home page where they belong, not buried somewhere on the fifth page.


If you developed your site more than two years ago, it’s a creaky dinosaur. People who come to your page expect images to load fast and content to pop. Your site might not even work with newer browsers, and your themes are almost certainly outdated. By contrast, your newly optimized web presence can use the latest themes and technologies to attract visitors and encourage them to stay and buy.


Did you know that over 60 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices? Your upgraded site will be responsive or adaptive to mobile technology and will include modern themes with CSS code that make for better and faster user experience across mobile platforms.


If an examination of analytics shows that you actually get traffic to your site but then quickly lose it, you are missing out on sales. Updating your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design features can help you to lower this so-called bounce rate.


When web design technology and themes are antiquated, you are vulnerable to the countless online criminals who prey on procrastinators and the unwary. Simply by giving your site a design upgrade, you can minimize your chances of getting hacked.


There is a science to the content and placement of effective calls to action. These vital tools not only encourage visitors to do something but also work under the surface to keep them interested and engaged as they peruse what you have to offer. Your ultra-modern site design will use calls to action judiciously to guide users through your content and ultimately to your contact form.


There are tons of cool innovations out there such as photo editing, studio management and so much more that old-school sites are not equipped to access. Upgrading yours can open a whole new world of opportunities and fun toys that can ultimately make your site more effective and enjoyable, both for …


What is the Main Purpose of a Bidet

Bidets are one of the lesser usual washroom accessories in UK as well as US houses and are virtually considered to be forbidden. The principle of cleaning after every bathroom use is rather scary for people that consistently use toilet paper!
Although bidets were originally from France, they are a basic restroom feature in a number of western countries and also have large usage in Muslim nations. Not just do they boost the hygiene of a person’s intimate areas, they could likewise decrease the variety of trees that are fell to the manufacture of bathroom tissue.
Exactly what is a Bidet?
Due to their absence of popularity in the UK, many people doubt just what bidets actually are. Bidets are basically an alternative to toilet tissue. They are used to cleanse an individual’s rear and surrounding areas after utilizing the commode. They are more hygienic compared to toilet paper and less severe on such fragile areas which are vulnerable to irritability. They normally look like a little commode and also have bidet taps or nozzles.
Benefits of a Bidet:
Lots of people find that the bathroom tissue could be harmful on their skin and also could create inflammation; using water to tidy one’s self is much easier on the skin and is a popular selection for people who suffer hemorrhoids. Making use of a bidet could additionally protect you against remaining deposit which hasn’t already been cleaned from staining your clothes as well as the undergarments. Bidets could likewise be quite hassle-free for a quick laundry, as opposed to having an entire shower. Some individuals make use of bidets to wash their feet, because of them being of a suitable elevation.
The enviroment
One of the most popular brands, the Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss Seat is biodegradable and good for the environment if it were to be outside. Many individuals utilize too much toilet paper when they regularly go to the shower. The amount of tissue paper roll made use of in Britain could actually have an effect to the environment. Trees are cut down every year to manufacture bathroom tissue and a few rolls are 100% recycled. Bidets could substantially reduce the amount of toilet tissue an individual makes use of. Although toilet roll is usually still bought, a bidet will minimize the amount that a person makes use of to wipe themselves.
Toilet tissue is also among the major causes of a clogged bathroom and sewage system issues. Individuals tend to utilize bundles of unnecessary commode roll which can block their own bathrooms along with creating significant sewer problems. Bidets suggest that little or no bathroom tissue will certainly be flushed down the bathroom, lowering the probability of drainpipe troubles in an individual’s home or area.
Bidets can assist to boost or protect against medical problems caused by spreading out bacteria. When a person wipes, they could typically spread fecal matter to other parts of their body, causing infections. Bidets could help to reduce common problems such as hemorrhoids, urinary system infections, and also various other usual microbial infections.
Handicapped individuals and those who have reduced flexibility may discover that a bidet aids to improve their self-reliance. Bidets are very easy to use and will need marginal aid for some less mobile individuals. They are especially practical for elderly people

Mass SMS Service: 5 Tips on How to Use It Effectively

Various studies indicate that SMS mass texting service is an efficient communication tool in this era of constant technological changes. You should take advantage of this option when planning your next marketing campaign. However, for you to achieve success with mass texting, you are required to apply convincing tricks and tips. Below are ways to effectively use SMS mass texting:

Set Clear Goals

Before sending out your first text message, it’s crucial that you know your end game. What kind of results do you hope to achieve in this campaign? Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Or do you need customers to try a new service? Having a clear goal will ensure that you reach out to the right customers and get the right message to them.

Craft Content

Unlike writing emails, crafting the best text message is a tricky one. First off, you’re limited to 160 characters. Secondly, John from Textedly emphasizes that you want your message to sound exclusive and personal. Mobile phones are a lot more personal compared to email. In fact, it is so personal that according to studies, 44% percent of mobile phone users have kept their phone next to their bed.

Proper Timing

The time you send the text messages can make or break your campaign. If you know your customers’ behavior, this step might come to you a lot easier. Generally, you should avoid sending your messages on a Monday. And of course, you don’t want to send your text messages in the wee hours of the morning.

Timing varies wildly depending on your industry and the goal of your direct marketing campaign. For example, if you own a salon, you’re busiest during the weekend. So, if your goal is to increase sales during weekdays, you could send a discount offer to select customers on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

How often you send a text message is just as important. Rule of thumb is that you don’t want to send text messages every day. The most efficient way to determine the frequency of sending out SMS is to experiment.

Track Progress

When you track how customers respond, you’ll have concrete data. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll know the best time of the day to send a particular text message.


Crafting the right message and finding the perfect timing is a win-win situation for both your business and customers. You get more out of your campaign. And your customers will appreciate getting personal messages that might help them.…