A criminal charge, even if the police don’t find anything, can cost you a lot of money, and your way of life, and they could sentence you to prison. In the case of domestic violence charges, one partner might incriminate another to get revenge or win custody battles.

1. Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

False allegations of domestic violence are nothing new. Police officers want to make a case, and they look for any piece of evidence that they can use against their subjects because they know that it is not always true. The country is facing a domestic violence epidemic, and it is supposed to be prosecuted harshly. If you think that you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, or perhaps you know that this could happen to you, then you will want to get a lawyer before the case goes to court. Even if the police don’t find any evidence against you, they can still make their case against you on sheer speculation if they have enough “evidence” such as pictures or statements that are not always entirely correct.

2. Investigating Legal Issues

If you are accused of a crime, then there is a good chance that you will need a lawyer to represent you throughout the case. If you are capable of finding the right act or administrator, then you may be able to negotiate a plea and get off without jail time. If it is an assault charge and it is fairly serious, then it may end up in court as well even if the police don’t have enough evidence to arrest you.

3. Understanding the Law

To defend yourself, you need to know what the laws are as well as any potential loopholes. There are many laws currently being passed that can impact your life and you need to have a lawyer look over them to make sure that they will not affect you negatively. They need the expertise of an expert to figure out how it will affect them adversely and what they should do about it.

4. Getting the Best Deal

You need a lawyer who will negotiate the best deal for you. They know what judge will be worth trying in front of and they know what evidence they need to get. They have to go over all of the details, and they will have to ask many questions to figure out everything that is going on before presenting your case. Your lawyer knows how to get the best deal that he can on your behalf, and he is not afraid of doing whatever it takes to achieve it.


Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is something that you should consider if you are accused of a crime. The process can be time-consuming, and it can be expensive, but you will get the best representation possible for your case. You will also feel confident knowing that your lawyer is there every step of the way for you. Visit stonesalluslaw.com to find an experienced lawyer.